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Model No.: 0934

1.  Input: DP1.4/M
2.  Output:
1×Micro USB (5V/2A)
3. Micro USB for power supply.
4. DP1.4: single display support 8K/30HZ,if the graphics card support DSC mode,can be 8K/60HZ.
5. DP1.4: dual display support 4K/60HZ,if the graphics card support DSC mode,can be 5K/60HZ.
6. Backward compatible with DP1.2.
7. Support MST function,HDCP2.2,HDR10,3D,DSC.
8. Compatible devices, if without DP port, can use an adapter:
MacBook Pro 11.1,Dell E7240, Macbook Air4.1,Macmini7,1,Surface pro,Ordinary host computer,etc.

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