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Model No.: 0989


1. Input:USB-C (DP1.2 alt mode)

2. Output:2x HDMI,

1 x VGA

3x USB3.0 A

1x Ethernet Gigabit RJ45 1x SD slot
1x Micro SD Slot 1x USB-C F
1x 3.5mm Audio
3. Compliant w i t h U S B 3 .1 T ype C, support PXE boot, Wake-On-Lan from
sleep mode.
4. Single HDMI output max resolution up to 4K 30Hz.
5. Single VGA output max resolution up to 1920x1080P/60Hz.
6. Dual video output (HDMI+HDMI, HDMI+VGA) max resolution up to
1920x1080P/60Hz with Multi-Stream Transport (MST) technology.
7. Triple video output (HDMI+HDMI+VGA) max resolution up to 720P/60Hz with
Multi-Stream Transport (MST) .
8. USB3.0 A/F supports max data transmission up to 5Gbps ,and support BC1.2
quick charge with max power at 5V 1.5A.
9. SD/ Micro SD slot compliant with SD3.0 ,data transmission speed up to
10. 3.5mm audio output, support MIC and recording fucntion.
11. Support Ethernet Gigabit speed to 10/100/1000Mbps.
12. USB-C female supports PD3.0 100W (20V 5A) charge and USB3.0 5G data.
13. Allow users to largely increase productivity and get a tidy desk top

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