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Model No.:0994

This is an PCIe M.2 NVMe/SATA Gen 2 enclosure which support not only NVMe (M-key) but also SATA (B-key) protocol SSD for data transmission with up to 10Gbps. With the built-in USB-C male connector design, you don’t need to bring an extra cable, just plug it into the computer directly. With press the button to open and then push to close. You can see if it’s working through the indicator light.

Input:USB-C (Gen2)
Support 2230/2242/2260/2280 NVMe/SATA SSD

1.Compatible with M-key & B-key enclosure; Super fast  speed up to 10Gbps for NVMe SSD ; Support speed up to 6Gbps for SATA SSD.
2.Tool-free design for SSD installation; plug and play.
3. It has indicator light shows working state.
4.Cap for protecting USB-C connector.
5.Braided strap for hanging to carry easy.
6. Adopt with translucent matte ABS housing to make heat send out quickly.

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