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Model No.:1017

This video capture card is equipped with 5 ports:  HDMI In& Out, USB 3.0 port ,Mic in and Audio out.
Based on the high-speed USB 3.0 technology, It can capture one single channel HD HDMI video signal which works on sources like laptop, desktop, camera, camcorder, DSLR, action cam, phone, xBox, game console, switch (Nentido), play station (PS4, PS5) equipped with HDMI port, stream, record and share your gameplay in 1080p/60hz, superior low latency technology. Added narration feature perfect for live streaming.

1. HDMI in  to connect  laptop, desktop, camera, camcorder, xBox, game console, switch (Nentido), play station (PS4, PS5) and other source devices.
2.USB 3.0 A port connect PC with a USB3.0 A to A or C cable for storing or streaming the captured video.
3.HDMI loop out  connect to another monitor or TV with an HDMI cable , monitoring the captured video at 1920*1080@60Hz.
4. Stereo audio output by speaker or headset (OMTP and CTIA standards).
5.Plug-and-Play--No need install driver, truly PnP ,compatible most video software on Linux, Windows and Mac.
6.Compatible software:
OBS Studio(windows,Mac os)
Windows Media Encoder(windows)
Adobe Flash Media Live-E encoder(windows,mac os)
Real Producer Plus(windows)
VLC(windows,mac os,Linux)
Quick Time Broadcaster(Mac os)
Quick Time Player(Mac os)
Wirecast (windows)
7.Alum + plastic housings with size L100*W57*H13mm .

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