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Model No.:1036

Input : USB-C (DP1.4 Alt mode)
Output :
1 x HDMI2.1 (7680x4320P@30Hz)
Support HDR, DSC1.2, HBR3, HDCP2.3

1. USB Type C with small interface size and supports upward and downward interpolation, cable to be connected directly to your source device.
2. HDMI 2.1 single turns adapter support the latest standard HDMI 2.1, DSC 1.2A, HDCP 2.3.
3. Single HDMI output resolution to 7680*4320@60Hz, HDR,DSC1.2.
4. Applicable to the latest USB - C interface with function of DP1.4 Alt mode, DSC 1.2 for Host and graphic card of desktop computer & notebook.
5. Both sides Alu. case, Color : Grey.

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