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Model No.:E986

1.Input:USB-C/M(DP1.4 Alt Mode)+USB3.0 A/M
1xHDMI2.0 A/F (3840*2160P@60Hz)
2xUSB3.0 A/F (5Gbps)
1xUSB-C/F PD3.0 (data 5Gbps)
1xEthernet Gigabit RJ45 (10/100/1000Mbps)

1.Crystal-Clear HDMI2.0 A/F supports max resolution can be up to 3840*2160P@60Hz,also  support HDCP2.2,HDR10.
2.2*USB3.0 A/F supports super faster data transfer up to 5Gbps.
3.USB-C/F supports both PD3.0 40W and 5Gbps Data transmission.
4.RJ45 Ethernet Gigabit support full 10/100/1000Mbps transmission,faster and more reliable than most wireless connections.
5.The housing is made of Aluminium and ABS case,it looks very textured.
6.Compact and cable-less design,make your desktop more clean and organized,and also easy to carry.
7.Perfectly match your Surface Pro 7.

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